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Copita: About As Mexico City As Sausalito's Going to Get

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[Photo: Aubrie Pick]

Copita co-owner and tequila book author Joanne Weir says people were lined up out the door at her new Sausalito Mexican restaurant's unofficial opening on Saturday night. Weir came up with the idea for the restaurant after a margarita-off with local restaurant man Larry Mindel, and they'll be making it legal tomorrow. Two Mexico natives Edgar Sierra and La Cocina alum Dilsa Lugo join Weir in the kitchen, churning out hand-pressed tortillas, mini seasonal tamales ("tamalitos"), 24-hour carnitas and roasted chickens out of the interior's new centerpiece: a wood-fired rotisserie oven flanked in blue tiles. Of course there is a tequila- and mezcal-heavy cocktail program. Less expected is wine on tap. The restaurant's organic garden fuels seasonal salsas and ceviches and Thrillist has already bro-ed out over the carb-on-carb action in the fried, potato-stuffed quesadilla. Now take a look at the interior above: complete with communal table, 10-seat bar and sidewalk seating. Here's a working menu too. Website.

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739 Bridgeway, , CA 94965 (415) 331-7400 Visit Website


739 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA