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The Menu for Maestro, Soft-Opening for Lunch Monday

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Photo: SF Citizen

Maestrothe French-American brasserie going in where both Trader Vic's and Stars once lived—will have its "very" soft opening next week, serving lunch-only Monday through Friday. Director of operations, Stella Filmus says dinner will commence the following week in conjunction with an official opening on April 16th. Although Matt Murphy is no longer with the restaurant as GM, chef Neil Marquis, who also runs his own catering company, has been confirmed as the opening executive chef. This morning, Marquis passed on an early menu iteration to give an idea of what's in store.

The range of options is wide: French staples like escargot and lobster bisque, American things like burgers and crab Louie, pork belly in everything from sliders to pasta, and crepes for dessert. As is often the case with new restaurants, Filmus says the menu may change depending on how things go in the opening weeks. At around 150 seats, the space is a gigantic one, so hopefully they'll find the right formula to keep the dining room bustling on a regular basis. Drop early comments and thoughts in the tip jar, or below.

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555 Golden Gate, San Francisco, CA