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What to Eat at the Coliseum, Home of the Oakland A’s

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2012_4_stadiumlogo.jpgIn stark opposition to the glorious food options at AT&T Park, the Oakland Coliseum is a sad desert of blasé hot dogs and dry chicken tenders. They are doing a great job of maintaining the bad rap ballpark food gets for being nothing but overpriced grease. But it’s not all bleak. Skip the soggy pizzas, head towards the BBQ and sausages, and be sure to reference this guide before braving it all.

Now, in honor of the the A's 2012 opening day tomorrow, here's a guide to what to eat at the Coliseum and where to find it.

The Coliseum’s Three Standouts

kinders.jpgKinder’s BBQ: The Famous Ball Tip sandwich here is a crowd pleaser with it’s juicy slices of barbecued sirloin dressed in Kinder’s smoky BBQ sauce—a sauce that has won numerous awards just for being delicious, and was raved about by the New York Times food critic Peter Meehan. [Field Level]

Ribsandthings.jpgRibs and Things: Fans make a beeline for this BBQ stand every season for their tender pork ribs and moist tri-tip with tangy BBQ sauce. This pit-stop is often regarded as the only place worth eating at in the stadium. [Field Level]

Saag%27s.jpgSaag’s Club Level: Polish, sweet Italian, atomic hot, linguisa or a bratwurst. The sausage options are many here—all of them best-topped with a generous heap of grilled onions and green peppers. Saag's fare is far better than the stadium’s other underwhelming dogs. [Plaza Level]

Field Level

Burger Shack: Cheeseburgers, french fries and Texas grilled cheese sandwiches.
Cheese Steak/Fish-n-Chips: A selection of cheese steak sandwiches, fried fish and french fries.
Chicken and Fries: A place to find your standard fried chicken tenders.
Ice Cream
: A selection of ice cream bars and sandwiches.
Red’s All Star Smoke House: BBQ Brisket, pork and chicken.
Rosa’s Fresh Mexican Grill: Here they serve burritos, as well as the burrito bowl. Jumbo margaritas available to drink.
Round Table Pizza
The Field Irish Pub: An inside bar (with a TV so you don’t miss the game) with beer on tap and corned beef sandwiches.

Plaza Level

Westside Club Bar and Restaurant: A sit-down restaurant serving buffalo wings, sliders, and prime rib.
Deli 215: A safe bet is the hummus dip with whole wheat flatbread. They also serve salad with grilled shrimp, grilled chicken sandwiches and thin crust pepperoni pizzas.

- Chloe Schildhause

7000 Coliseum Way Oakland, CA 94621

7000 Coliseum Way Oakland, CA 94621