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Newsflash: Wolfgang Puck Buys Foie Gras

Photo: Slashfood

James Beard Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award winner and 3D dessert fan, Wolfgang Puck has been very vocal about his stance against foie gras since he stopped serving it at his restaurants in 2007. But Inside Scoop points out a fun fact: Hudson Valley Foie Gras’ marketing director recently noted that Puck started buying foie from him in 2010, and Puck's director of communications confirms the story to Food Arts' contributor Carolyn Jung: "We do, unfortunately, have private events where people want foie gras on their menu...We do our best to steer them in a different direction, but sometimes people just want it.” Naturally, Christopher Cosentino has a response: "That’s called being a hypocrite." And you know how they say the customer is always right.

· Foie and its Discontents [Food Arts via ISSF]