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Pop Quiz: When Bad Reviews Happen to Good Pizzas

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BPPH.jpgWhether they come from a free-for-all social media site or a venerable restaurant critic, bad reviews can happen to good restaurants. But—like a good pizza pie— longevity is all about surviving a good toss. See exhibit A above: a critically acclaimed restaurant turned some bad Yelp reviews into some pretty styling T-shirts.

In this here Bad Pizza Power Hour Quiz, you'll try to match up the scathing social media review with the respectable eatery to which it is directed. The answers will be revealed in today's Eater SF newsletter.

1. "The pizza was soooo greasy. I am assuming this was in part due to the pig fat." [Yelp]

A. Zero Zero
B. Gialina
C. Pizzeria Delfina
D. Arinell

2. "The pizza was cold when it arrived at our table. We did not complain as the experience was so bad we wanted out." [Citysearch]

A. Pizzetta 211
B. Pauline's Pizza
C. Ragazza
D. Goat Hill Pizza

3. "Burned charcoal pizza isn't my idea of a delicious meal." [Yelp]

A. A16
B. Beretta
C. Una Pizza Napoletana
D. Flour + Water

4. "You are smoking crack if you think this place is good." [Yelp]

A. Eagle Pizzeria
B. Arizmendi
C. Cupola Pizzeria
D. Pizza Orgasmica

5. "Meh . . . at best. NOT particularly good pizza." [Urbanspoon]

A. Little Star Pizza
B. Tony's Pizza Napoletana
C. Golden Boy Pizza
D. Patxi's Chicago Pizza

Zero Zero

826 Folsom Street, , CA 94107 (415) 348-8800 Visit Website

Little Star Pizza

846 Divisadero Street, , CA 94117 (415) 441-1118 Visit Website

Cupola Pizzeria

845 Market Street 4th Floor Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94103