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Bars Inside Bars: The Hancock Room Opens at Sip Lounge

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Just like the "The Hideout" at Dalva and The Wilson, tucked inside Bourbon and Branch, here, now, another bar within a bar. John Sanchez, owner of Sip Bar & Lounge, has redesigned the former dance floor and private party area at his clubby North Beach spot into a 600-square-foot bar called The Hancock Room. Above is some visual proof that it really does look quite different.

The new spot is now separated from Sip by partitions along with a very different theme. Sanchez is a lover of American history, and he's filled the space out with presidential busts, crystal chandeliers, Victorian sofas, and other antiques collected over a long period on Craigslist, and from antique shops and thrift stores all over the Bay Area.

Hancock%20Couches.jpgNaturally, the theme comes full circle in the cocktail menu, complete with the Ben Franklin (a brandy drink served up), the George Washington (bourbon, port and sparkling wine on the rocks), and even mini history lessons that tie the growth of brandy, rum, gin, bourbon, etc. into economics. The Hancock Room will kick things off on Thursday with a private party. From that point onwards, it will operate as its own stand-alone reservations-only bar from Sunday through Thursday. On the weekends, it can still be reserved, but patrons will be able to pass back and forth between The Hancock Room and Sip.

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1350 Powell St., San Francisco, CA