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Sift Cupcakes To Spike Pac Heights Blood Sugar Levels

 The street outside Sift in downtown Napa.
The street outside Sift in downtown Napa.
Photo: Treadmill Games

Trendy wine country cupcake/dessert bar Sift is the next taker of the vacant Dumplings & Buns slot in Pac Heights. And since there aren't any free-standing cupcakeries in that neck of the woods yet: cha-ching. Besides being great at winning highly sought-after leases, Sift points out they are also the only Nor Cal team to ever "actually win" the always cut-throat Cupcake Wars on The Food Network. They'll be totally gutting the space to do a complete design revamp, and Inside Scoop says they'll be opening in Summer.

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2411 California Street, San Francisco, CA