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A Peek Behind The Plywood At Dandelion Chocolate

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Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux

Missionites have been staring at these papered, tagged-up windows and doors for some time now, so let's take a moment to go behind the plywood. This, friends, is Dandelion Chocolate. The owners, Todd Masonis and Cam Ring, have a very specific Mission: since Scharffen Berger got bought out by Hershey years ago, Dandelion is bringing artisan, hand-crafted "bean-to-bar" chocolate back to the Bay Area. They started production out of the Dogpatch in December, and have already drummed up a significant ecommerce business.

When this Mission outpost opens—hopefully around September—all of the production will shift to a huge transparent chocolate factory that will take up the majority of the space you see here. Visitors will be able to see the chocolate making process in its entirety. A small retail and cafe area up front will allow them to buy and eat some chocolatey things too. Check out the purty new labels they just landed on for their bars.

Dandelion%20Inside%20Construction.jpg"We're not trying to complete with all the other nearby dessert spots," says Masonis, clearly referring to nearby Tartine Bakery and the incoming Craftsman and Wolves.

Harkening back to the chocolate houses of 100 years ago, everything will center around cacao products. A small menu of four to five hot chocolates will represent different approaches to the drink across the world: from dark, rich French/Spanish style to a lighter American style made with cocoa powder, and maybe even a Mexican hot chocolate from time to time. Four Barrel already uses Dandelion chocolate in their mochas, and they'll do the same here. A couple desserts, chocolate bars and a drink using the actual cocoa fruit will also be available.

Brand + Allen is building out the space with a clean, simple aesthetic. Exposed brick, wood and natural materials will fall in step with the brand's vision of honesty and transparency. "No excessive ornamentation," says Masonis. "This is not going to be a jewelry store chocolate place." Check for continual updates on Dandelion's website.

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Dandelion Chocolate

740 Valencia Street, , CA 94110 (415) 349-0942 Visit Website

Dandelion Chocolate

740 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA