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Windows Papered Over At Hukilau on Masonic

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Photo: Yelp/Toro E.

Rumors have been filtering if for over a month now regarding a pending closure and sale of Hukilau, which has offered a slice of Hawaii at the awkward junction of Masonic and Geary for over 11 years now. Today similar reports of papered over windows arrive from a tipster and Yelp and this message from the owners confirms the restaurant officially closed on Monday. The San Francisco iteration of the three-branch Hukilau chain has a bit of a checkered history with the DPH, but it does sound like the owners would like to open another Hukilau at a different address one day. The tipster has a little bit more on the possible new restaurant taking its place:

"...workers are saying that the new restaurant will feature breakfast and lunch but will also serve dinner. It sounds like their going for the brunch crowd which is currently underserved in the neighborhood. I'll be happy if it serves a decent salad, some non-fried food, and doesn't smell of Pine-Sol. [sic]"

Pay your respects in the comments, or share what you know about the restaurant concept that's moving in.

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5 Masonic Ave., San Francisco, CA