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Fior d'Italia's Last Dinner Service Is Tonight

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Fior d'Italia, the 126-year-old San Francisco Italian restaurant that calls itself the oldest in the counrty, will serve its last Caesar salad tonight, according to Inside Scoop. Owners Trudy Audieri and her husband chef Gianni moved their restaurant to its current location in a less busy stretch of The Wharf in 2005, after a huge fire ravaged the prior location on Washington Square Park. The Audieri's hope to go out strong tonight, and they say this may not be the last of them. There's a chance they'll resurface at some time, somewhere, although their 90-deep menu of Italian-American classics is probably not long for this world.

· Fior D’Italia, dubbed America’s Oldest Italian Restaurant, is closing [ISSF]

Fior d'Italia

2237 Mason St., San Francisco, CA