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780 Cafe's New Barbeque, Wexler's Has A Food Truck

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THE MISSION — Summit replacement 780 Cafe (780 Valencia) is now cooking up sausages and such in the little patio area outside the front door on the weekends, weather permitting. This past Saturday, the street was rife with the smell of their grilled skirt steak sandwiches and Argentinean and Italian links. [EaterWire]

FOOD TRUCKS — Wexler's (568 Sacramento) is hitting the road with its own mobile operation. Called Wexler's Back, the truck will smoke ribs, brisket, chicken, and pulled pork for lunch beginning this Friday. It'll park on Commercial Street near Montgomery, right by the restaurant. [Grub Street]

FOIE COUNTDOWN — The foie wars have heated up in LA as the clock ticks. Case in point: Activists have been making false reservations at Animal sister restaurant Son of a Gun to attempt to mess up the books. [Eater National]

OAKLAND — Camino (3917 Grand) now has a weekly fixed price menu featuring kebabs as the main dish. A sample menu starts with artichoke, farro and herb salad, followed by a grilled local salmon-preserved lemon kebab and wood oven-roasted rhubarb with black sesame ice cream for dessert. Prices ranges from $30-35. [EaterWire]

780 Cafe

780 Valencia, San Francisco, CA