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Farina Pizza & Cucina Italiana Declares Late June Opening

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Finally, the pieces are coming together for the Farina pizza place, which by the way, will probably, officially be called FARINA Pizza & Cucina Italiana. A tipster recently sent in this lovely headshot of its green door. The pending beer and wine license posted to the ABC website yesterday, and now their graphics department's Esperanza Poletti sends consoling words for the pizza obsessed over the EaterWire.

"After two years of planning and construction, we are shooting to open the last week of June, if not before. Designed by the same architect of FARINA, Brett Terpulek, it is quite an impressive site. We will keep you informed on its progress."

So far, we know said impressive design includes BART tiles, at the very least. And don't forget a "pizzaiolo from Naples," "wood-fired oven," "authentic Neopolitan crust," and outdoor seating are slated to be the other big attention-getters at the newest spinoff from the spendiest of Mission restaurants. Meanwhile Mozzeria, Pizzeria Delfina, Beretta, and Pi Bar will continue to fire their like-minded pies nearby. It all begs the question: will the Mission ever tire of its beloved Neapolitan pies?

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FARINA Pizza & Cucina Italiana

700 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA