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Nojo's Stolen Table BACK From Oblivion

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Today, a rare happy tale for the annals of Shit People Steal, in which we ask restaurateurs what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.

Please, for a moment, recall the story of Hayes Valley izakaya Nojo, and its custom Redwood-topped table. You know, the one that was mysteriously stolen from the restaurant right in the midst of service in August of last year. Earlier this week, chef-owner Greg Dunmore wrote in with the tale of its glorious return home:

"OMFG! ITs BACK! Someone tipped us off that our table was at an estate sale on the corner on Linden and Gough. Thank the world for honest people!!! The people that had it, were just so mad that their "friend" sold them a stolen table. In fact, one of the guys fits the profile of the guy in [our surveillance] video... I did not pay for it. I asked how much and he said it was only sold as a set with some chairs. That is when i simply stated that this is stolen property. Crazy thing is (well, i guess it is not so crazy), the police still have not called me back. i called to say i recovered my stolen property on sunday and i have got nothing...

Either way, it's time for victory drinks at Nojo's table.

Have a restaurant theft story to share? Send it over the EaterWire and, who knows what might happen."

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