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Mission Street Food's Ideal Restaurant, Lime's Last Call

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[Photo: Lime]

MISSION STREET FOOD — The unstoppable Anthony Myint has a new dream to cook up a Mission Street Food restaurant inside the San Francisco Food Bank (900 Pennsylvania). Check out his pitch on how you can help him earn a grant to take this a step closer to reality. Mission Chinese Food has raised over $127,000 for SFFB since the summer of 2010, and he feels this new idea could bring in about $1000 per night for the non-profit. [EaterWire]

THE SHUTTER — The era of shirtless bartenders and boozy brunches is winding down this weekend as Lime (2247 Market) prepares to close. The last service is brunch on June 3, which lasts until a civilized 6 p.m. [Facebook via Grub Street]

OAKLAND — Sarah Kirnon, formerly of Hibiscus, has signed a lease to bring her own Miss Ollie's restaurant to Swan's Market (901 Washington). She speculates it might be open in the fall, but it's likely to take a bit longer than that. [ISSF]

WEEDWIRE — Brian Means, the bar manager of Fifth Floor (12 Fourth St.), gets the spotlight in a national feature story about bartenders using weeds in their drinks. His 9 Herb Charm cocktail makes use of a housemade stinging nettle cordial that is mixed with strawberry-infused tequila, St. Germain, and lemon juice. [Food & Wine]

Fifth Floor

12 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 415 348 1555

Mission Chinese Food

2234 Mission Street, , CA 94110 (415) 863-2800 Visit Website

Miss Ollie's

901 Washington Street, , CA 94607 (510) 285-6188 Visit Website

San Francisco Food Bank

900 Pennsylvania, San Francisco, CA