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Ubuntu Entertains Sale To Terra Owners

 A shuttered Ubuntu, as snapped in Monday's Memorial Day sun.
A shuttered Ubuntu, as snapped in Monday's Memorial Day sun.

Ever since Ubuntu went on "sabbatical," and especially since chef Aaron London later left to start his own concept, rumors have been circulating among industry types about Ubuntu's return, or potential lack thereof. Over the long weekend, a pending liquor license for 1140 Main Street filed by the esteemed owners of Terra and Ame, Lissa Doumani and Hiro Sone, popped up on the ABC wires. But Doumani said the deal didn't necessarily "look good," and asked that it be kept confidential. Today, since the news of the license application has leaked, and extrapolations have begun, it's time for some clarification.

Doumani confirms again today that she and Sone are in talks with Ubuntu owner Sandy Lawrence, but it's a "tenuous conversation" at this point. Naturally, Lawrence has strong emotional ties to the restaurant, her baby, which has garnered accolades the world over. At this point, negotiations could go in any direction. Lawrence could decide to abort the deal altogether and reopen in the space. On the flip side, Doumani and Sone could strike an agreement to take over and launch something entirely different. It's all pretty standard as far as restaurant negotiations go. Stay tuned for developments in the coming week or so.

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