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The Hottest U.S. Pizzerias, Meatopia Takes OAK

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Photo: Aubrie Pick

HEATMAP - Gioia Pizzeria is the local hotness on Eater National's Heatmap of the 15 Hottest Pizzerias Across the Country right now. Find out where to seen with a pie in Los Angeles, Philly, Portland, D.C. and beyond, right this way. [Eater National]

BBQ WIRE - Time magazine columnist and meat enthusiast Josh Ozersky will be hosting the first Meatopia event outside New York in conjunction with Eat Real in Oakland in September. It will have three parts: a walk-around tasting event on Friday night, and a two-day barbecue contest that Ozersky hopes will change the face of competition BBQ. Read all about the Bare Bones BBQ Contest in his explanatory blog post from earlier today. [Rachael Ray]

BOWLING ALLEYS - Apparently San Francisco isn't the only city putting restaurants in its bowling alleys. The Tampa-based Lucky Strike has been around since 2003, and Dallas, Denver, Austin and Portland all have concepts coming in the next year. Eater National asks, "why now?" [Eater National]

QUOTE OF THE DAY - Speaking of bowling alleys, the one person Mission Bowling Club owner Anthony Myint would really like to cook with is Christopher Walken. [Food GPS]

Gioia Pizzeria

2240 Polk St., San Francisco, CA