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Free Pizza From SF's Best Delivery Pizzerias Can Be Yours

As observant readers may have noticed, it's Pizza Week round these parts. And to bring some of that saucy, juicy deliciousness from the computer screen to your doorstep, Eater has teamed up with three of our favorite San Francisco pizzerias for a special promotion.

Every day this week, one or more delivery customers will be chosen at random by each pizzeria to receive a free Eater pie in a very special Eater box (pictured here). And we're doing the same special in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Chicago—blanketing the country in free pizza. Want to try your luck? Here are the participating pizzerias:

· Escape from New York Pizza, 715 Harrison St.

· Goat Hill Pizza, 300 Connecticut St.

· Patxi's, 3318 Fillmore St.

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