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Tacolicious Chef Telmo Faria Makes Mexican Pizza

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[Photo: Eva Frye]

As part of Pizza Week, Eater has asked some excellent non-Italian restaurants to come up with a special pizza as a tribute to the week. A few chefs jumped at the chance to get involved, and had a lot of fun in the process. Three days this week, Eater will highlight a different Pizza Week special, starting with Tacolicious chef Telmo Faria's take on the dish. His creation? Taco Bell fans rejoice—he's revamped the Mexican Pizza. Refried beans and chorizo are smothered in between two deep fried flour tortillas, then topped with ranchera salsa, melted Oaxaca cheese, diced tomatoes, and pickled jalapenos. For $7.95, it'll be on the menu all week—and if you like it a lot, Telmo may decide to crown it with a fried egg and keep it on the brunch menu. Make sure to check back in for other chefs' special Pizza Week creations later this week.

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