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New Slider Restaurant Moves Into Former Criolla

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Photo: SliderBar Cafe website, SF Weekly

Judging from the liquor license feed, it looks like the first San Francisco branch of Palo Alto's SliderBarCafe will be opening up in the former Criolla Kitchen space. Owner Ashwani Dhawan is a Silicon Valley hi tech entrepreneur type who also owns upscale Palo Alto Indian restaurant Mantra. It seems he's looking to open up multiple branches of both Mantra and SliderBar, starting with the latter here in the Castro.

What to expect? Well, there will be sliders—and lots of them. The menu will probably be similar in style to the first location, spanning from egg-filled English muffin sliders for breakfast, to soups, salads, and sliders and fries galore for lunch and dinner. All of it's done under the guise of mindful sourcing and local ingredients, natch.

If the Market Street location is going to be anything like its Silicon Valley relative, expect a red paint job and a ton of mirrors to be unloaded at 2295 Market Street relatively soon. Since the historical champ at this address was, of course, Bagdad Cafe, the new SliderBar should probably consider some (very) extended hours. Other than that, the idea of sliders on Market and Noe sounds like a good fit. More on all this after Dhawan chimes in on his plans.

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2295 Market Street, San Francisco, CA