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Rangoon Ruby Brings "Upscale" Burmese To Palo Alto

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Win Aye and Win Tin are two former workers for Burma Superstar who opened up a new "upscale" white-tableclothed Burmese restaurant called Rangoon Ruby in Palo Alto over the weekend. Fancier than your average ethnic dive, the 67-seat dining room is said to have a green jade marble topped bar and a beige and orange color palette. This vibe has not (yet?) transferred over to the logo (pictured, right).

As you may know, Burmese cuisine has Indian, Thai, and Chinese influences, and the idea here is to gussy up the classics like samosas, salt-and-pepper calamari, and chicken and shrimp biryani so Silicon Valley types will take to them. There are 30 or so entrees on the menu, and sharing is encouraged.

Taking an early pulse now, the drinks sounds as if they err on the sweet side: things like a "Mandalay Margarita" available in strawberry, pineapple, banana, melon or coconut, and a "Scorpion" made with rum, brandy, fruit juice, and available in a bowl for up to four drinkers. According to the early Yelp shills, they've "really got it together," and the "Lamb curry is exceptionally great." View hours of operation, and the lengthy menu, here on the website, and do drop your own early reports over the EaterWire or below in the comments.

Burma Superstar Restaurant

309 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94118 415 387 2147

Rangoon Ruby

445 Emerson, Palo Alto, CA