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Men Oh Japanese Ramen Chain Heads To Geary

 Men Oh in Union City.
Men Oh in Union City.
Photo: Chowhound

It looks like the next taker for the revolving door at 5120 Geary is not going to be another location of Shabuway. The space, as you know, has already seen two failed shabu concepts since 2010: Hot in the Pot and Oozora. So it's probably wise that the new owners have landed on a branch of Japanese ramen chain Men Oh as the new strategy here in lieu of further shabu attempts. The chain has already opened its first U.S. branch in Union City, and Chowhounder hhc has a detailed report on the sole offering of tonkushima ramen. Apparently gyoza, karaage, chashu don, and other ramen options are "coming soon." It also sounds like the noodles are housemade in their in-house facilities.

There's major demo going on at the Geary address right now, so the second American Men Oh ramen might open a little later than the forecasted window of June. Also take note the joint is looking for a store manager, kitchen staff and servers, and there is lots of fun food porn on their Facebook page. Further tips on this newcomer will be gladly accepted below or in the tip jar .

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Men Oh Japanese Ramen

5120 Geary, San Francisco, CA