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Cocktail Maven, Brooke Arthur OUT At Phan's Wo Hing

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Since opening in October of last year, Charles Phan's Wo Hing General Store hasn't exactly gotten rave reviews, although the one thing all the critics unanimously agreed upon was the greatness of bar manager Brooke Arthur's cocktails. It's not totally surprising, considering Arthur's track record at spots like Range and Prospect, and that she was on-site in the restaurant leading her bar team most nights of the week. Meanwhile, an actual Phan sighting here is about as rare as finding non-eco wood in a San Francisco restaurant. Now today, Inside Scoop breaks the news that Charles Phan has let Arthur go, saying the decision was "no fault of hers," and one might conclude that the restaurant isn't making enough money to support her salary.

Esteemed bar man Erik Adkins, who oversees the cocktail programs at Phan restaurants The Slanted Door and Heaven's Dog, will take over as bar director. Arthur and her cocktails will slowly phase out until her last day at the end of July. "I worked with one of the best bar teams in my creative directing career at Wo Hing," says Arthur. "And I'm sad to leave the family I built there, but I really do believe everything happens for a reason."

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[Photo: Chron/John Storey]

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