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Travel Channel Filming Food Paradise In SF

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Molinari Delicatessan in North Beach.
Molinari Delicatessan in North Beach.
Photo: Flickr/Cody Simms

Yesterday, a tipster sent word that Travel Channel was filming "some show Food Paradise" in North Beach at Molinari Delicatessan: "Had the usual 'filming occurring signs' etc. Made me sign a release when I talked to them about the pastrami." Today Travel Channel reps confirm their camera crew will be in town all week, filming the San Francisco portions of several episodes themed around "must see have a one-of-a-kind dining experience." Here now, a list of the other destinations to be filmed this week, along with the related episode titles. (*Note they asked not to pass on precise dates to prevent the masses from flocking and slowing down the process):

Molinari’s Deli - Deli Paradise
Suppenkuche - Meatloaf Paradise
The Stinking Rose – Garlic Paradise
Tony’s Pizza Napolitana – Pizza Paradise 2
Bodega Bistro – Tastes Like Chicken Paradise
Doggy Style (Alameda, CA) – Hot Dog Paradise 2
Beast and The Hare – Tastes Like Chicken Paradise
Zazu – Bacon Paradise 2

Beast and the Hare chef Ian Marks says his food of interest tastes like chicken, but is not chicken. He couldn't reveal the precise dish. The same crew will also be making a second trip to San Francisco in late July around the time of the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Garlic Paradise 2, perhaps? Season 4 of "Food Paradise" premieres 10/3/12 on Travel Channel. Hit the comments with intel if you see their crew in action.

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Beast and The Hare

1001 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 821 1001 Visit Website

Molinari Delicatessan

373 Colombus Ave., San Francisco, CA