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Charles Chocolates BACK With Mission Store And Cafe

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The new Charles Chocolates. [Photo: City-Data]

Following last year's sudden closure of Charles Chocolates, today owner Chuck Siegel reveals that he has repurchased the assets back from his former investor that forced the shutter and the company is readying a big relaunch in the Inner Mission Potrero Hill. Siegel has signed a seven-year lease for a new 7600-square foot candy kitchen, retail space, and cafe at 535 Florida Street, the former Potrero Brewing Co. space. The kitchen begins production on September 1, with the store and cafe to debut on October 1.

Both will feature classic Charles Chocolates confections as well as fresh creations, including new bars and a line of varietal honey ganaches. The cafe will serve items such as made-to-order s'mores, brownies, cookies, and frozen hot chocolate (they've got the hot kind on tap, too).

Siegel also plans to dedicate time and energy to using his kitchen as an incubator to mentor up-and-coming chocolatiers. He credits the kind advice of local food luminaries such as Alice Medrich and Joseph Schmidt as crucial to helping him get his start as a self-taught confectioner. It's time to pay it forward.

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Charles Chocolates

535 Florida St., San Francisco, CA