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Bauer 2.5 Stars Firefly, SFBG Digs Original Joe's $6 Drinks

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EmCee Mikey Smack goes back to Firefly to find the same potstickers from 1994 are still on the menu, but newer chef de cuisine Lucian Prellwitz has also helped modernize some things, including a local halibut that was "superb" despite mushy grains. Desserts are "among the best in the city," service is "friendly and efficient," and even though the interior feels "a few years past scheduled maintenance, "Firefly is as fresh as the day it opened." That'll be 2.5 stars. [Chron]

Miller finds Original Joe's satisfies her East Coast cravings. Despite its North Beach location, "the new space feels more old school NYC than modern-day tourist trap," and the food is surprisingly good, especially the parmigiana: "Here I'm drawn to the eggplant ($16.95), not too smoky, layered in cheese, breading, and, of course, red sauce." Other pleasant surprises: the $6 cocktails "are actually well-made," and "impeccable spumoni for dessert." [SFBG]

Jesse Hirsch likes the Chubby Noodle pop-up, hates the bar that puts a roof over its head. The buttermilk fried chicken's "supple, flavorful meat melted onto my tongue," he finds the ramen far superior to renditions at Ken Ken and Ramen Underground, and the "timeworn" tuna poke, "pure and bright." Price points are "refreshingly low," and Hirsch enjoyed everything "in spite of — not because of — the surroundings." [Examiner]

SF Weekly's interim review likes a few sandwiches at Radio Africa Kitchen's new lunch service: A baked basa sandwich with tomato confit and arugula was excellent...The tangy tomato confit infused the fish and softened the bread (which was, regrettably, a touch stale and my only complaint), and the sauteed arugula provided a hearty crunch. I was nearly as in love with a grilled flank steak sandwich with juicy strips of meat, thick slices of a mild feta, peppers, and salsa verde." [SF Weekly]

THE ELSEWHERE: EBX loves the decor and the guacamole at Comal in Berkeley, Marin IJ likes the fresh new spin a new chef is bringing to Iron Springs Pub & Brewery in Fairfax, and The Merc loves the steak at Honor Bar in Emeryville.


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