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Anna Roth IN As New SF Weekly Food Critic

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About two months ago, Jonathan Kauffman resigned from his position as SF Weekly's food critic. Today a new name steps in to pick up the slack: Anna Roth. A Seattle-native, Roth comes to San Francisco by way of Los Angeles, where she was the managing editor of eHow Food (and where she says the beer culture doesn't measure up to ours). Roth has also written a book on West Coast food, West Coast Road Eats, in which she sings the praises of Tommaso's, Burma Superstar, and Blue Bottle coffee. She's a big fan of the sweet potato fries at Gott's, and the bread salad part of Zuni's chicken. Her first official SF Weekly review and SFoodie blog posts will go live in July.

Roth gives a hint at what to expect: "I'm...really interested in California history and the role food has played in it, and am excited to visit some of those old California restaurants and saloons that have existed since the city was a rough-and-tumble boom town."

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