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Hi Lo BBQ's Smoker, By The Numbers

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The J & R smoker was delivered on a flat bed truck.
The J & R smoker was delivered on a flat bed truck.

"You can't have an open pit smoking in the Mission," says Scott Youkilis. This here J & R smoker, —delivered Wednesday to his future barbecue restaurant, Hi Lo—is the next best thing. Take a look at the 6,000-pound toy, known as "The Oyler Pit," above. It was delivered on a flat bed truck, then guided on its 6-foot-journey into the restaurant's basement with the help of a fork lift and an I-beam. Wood, steel and conduits were broken and shaved back to make room for the smoker, which has six shelves of space for up to six pigs.

It's powered by a fire pit, and Youkilis says they'll use California oak. The first load probably won't be six pigs, but more like 1800 pounds of brisket, pork shoulder, sausage, chicken and ribs. Youkilis is headed to J & R Manufacturing HQ in Mesquite, Texas, for a two-day training on proper usage. How much did it cost? He says these usually go for $37K, but they got a deal. Expect to taste and smell its bounty when Hi Lo opens some time this coming fall. "It'll be sunny, and summery," says Youkilis. "Real barbecue weather."

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