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Inside Pig & Pie, All About Sausage And Pie On 24th

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[Photo: Aubrie Pick]

Say hello to Pig and Pie, all buttoned up and tidy as a ten year old on the first day of school, as the restaurant goes into two big final inspections tomorrow. As you can see, lining the ceiling soffet are a slew of old bun baking pans, and the original Dislocandia floors have been revealed after years lying dormant under tile and carpet. "People would pay a lot for the beautiful patina they have," says co-owner and tech refugee Miles Pickering. The rest of the decor is all camo-colored walls, cedar and reclaimed wood tables.

The entire all-day menu—mostly pies and sausages (see website, here)—will be available in a counter service format. Chef Nate Overstreet makes everything in house: sausages, condiments, sriracha, pickles, bacon. Only the buns come from La Victoria across the street. Links tour the globe from bratwurst to the spicy sausage in a banh mi, to a classic Chicago-style dog. There's also an "amazingly good" deep-fried okra side. Pies will always include a custardy pecan, Shaker lemon and one seasonal flavor. Expect a "best case scenario" Friday opening. Stay in touch on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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