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Farewell To Foie Gras: 18 Ways To Say Goodbye

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With the ban on foie gras looming on Sunday, # Foiemageddon is getting lots of play on Twitter, and many chefs and other fatty goose and duck liver enthusiasts are living in foie excess while they can. For the past few weeks, foie has been shaved onto salads, soaked through lobsters, blended into ice cream, and stuffed into pastries, proving there are no limits. Here, a Bay Area-specific companion guide to Eater National's earlier foie dinner list details the top places to feast on legal liver until midnight, Saturday.

1) Bisou: This week their prix fixe menu ($34.95) is already heavy on the foie with a Ardbeg Foie Gras Torchon starter and the Filet Mignon Foie Gras. Coming up tomorrow, June 28th, there's a Good Bye Foie Gras pre-fixe dinner ($75), including seared foie gras on toasted brioche, duck breast in a port wine and foie gras terrine and two dessert options of Foie Gras macarons and shortcakes.

2) Jardiniere: On the eve of the ban, Jardiniere will have a Foie Gras blowout prix fixe dinner ($150). Expect foie gras topping a salad with peaches, seared and paired with lobster, stuffed into duck dumplings and made into ice cream with figs and caramel.

3) La Folie: Chef Roland Passot is offering a 6-course all foie menu including all of his favorites: foie gras soup with truffled crackers, seared scallops with foie, foie-stuffed quail and a bittwersweet chocolate and foie gras mousse with bacon ice cream. Vegetarian menu available upon request.

4) Fifth Floor : David Bazirgan puts together a five course foie gras tasting menu ($120) with a special Wild Goose Chase cocktail, which comes with a foie gras-dusted rim and a foie-stuffed plum. For dessert, how about fried rhubarb pie with foie gras ice cream?
5) Alexander's Steakhouse : A seven-course foie gras menu ($185) features The Silence of the Ducks: seared foie gras with fava beans and a nice chianti.

6) Chaya Brasserie: There are seven new $17 foie gras specials on the menu through the end of the month. Think seared foie gras nigiri or a foie gras beignet with cinnamon-port wine reduction.

8) Txoko: The final ?foie gras prix fixe will go down on Thursday. This week, there's a liver and onion foie gras a la plancha and foie ice cream with prunes in rum sauce and whole wheat sables.

9) Craftsman & Wolves: Pastry chef William Werner has a limited quantity special pastry?called The Devil Inside, featuring chocolate-toffee ganache and a plug of foie gras.

11) Palio d'Asti: The FiDi Italian restaurant encourages you to add foie gras to any dish for $5. Available on everything, except happy hour pizzas.

12) Humphry Slocombe: Can you say foie ice cream sandwich, with housemade gingersnap cookies? $5. Have a look here, and here.

13) 4505 Meats: This week Ryan Farr is offering a foie boudin blanc at his regular Thursday Ferry Building stall, as well as a stone fruit and fois pot de creme.

14) Ame: A foiemageddon special: chef Hiro Sone's bowl of foie ramen ($24.80) includes miso broth, seared foie gras, duck foie wontons, grilled corn and mustard greens.

15) Acquerello: The famous pear and foie ravioli, stuffed with truffled torchon of foie, is available through the end of the month.

16) Chez Spencer: Chef Laurent Katgely will be serving this foie gras tasting menu on Thursday, June 28th, complete with foie gras and tiger prawns in a curry infusion.

17) Naked Lunch: A hearty lunchbreak is this Broadway stop's foie gras sandwich, stacked with duck prosciutto, tomato, butter lettuce, and truffle salt, on Acme bread.

18) Benu: Last but most definitely not least Corey Lee is still serving his decadent Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao for now. Order it with Yoon Ha's beer pairing. You're welcome.
--Chloe Schildhause

4505 Meats/Chicharrones

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Humphry Slocombe

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Fifth Floor

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Chez Spencer

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La Folie

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