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Blue Bottle To Caffeinate New Heath Ceramics Store

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Photo: Courtesy of Heath

Blue Bottle already has six official locations in San Francisco. Today, a reader writes to tip Eater off that a seventh location will be opening at the new Heath Ceramics factory and store in the Mission some time in the next two weeks. As you can see here on Heath's website, the space is a beautiful and large one. Insiders say the plan is to serve pastries and espresso with Heath plates and cups. Since there's a gigantic Starbucks (2727 Mariposa Street) and Coffee Bar (1890 Bryant Street) nearby, this new Blue Bottle operation means tired humans in the Northeast Mission will have several coffee heavy weights vying for their caffeine affections. More information on the Blue Bottle-Heath partnership is being gathered as you read this.

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Coffee Bar

1890 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 551 8100

Blue Bottle @ Heath Ceramics

2900 18th Street, San Francisco, CA