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Miller's Gaga For Namu Gaji's Lunch, MORE

Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux

This week Miller of SFBG hits up Namu Gaji, where she finds the space "cramped" at night and seems to prefer ordering their "street food-style dishes" take-out during the day for a picnic in nearby Dolores Park. She calls the Gamja fries "the fast food of your dreams." Other "heartwarmers" are the "KFC" Marin Sun Farms chicken, and a Korean BBQ chicken thighs on pan de mie: "layered with Swiss cheese, soy glazed onions, pickled daikon, aioli, Dijon mustard — a buttery, fatty pleasure of a sandwich." [SFBG]

SF Weekly takes its turn at Southpaw BBQ where new chef Max Hussey has switched up much of the menu to varying result: "while the entrees I sampled showed promise, seasoning issues on starters and sides were a stark reminder that the food is still a work in progress." There's an over-salting issue with many of the appetizers and sides, but the whisky-brined, fried whole chicken provides some redemption: "The outcome was a skin that shattered upon initial chomp, giving way to moist, smoky flesh with the faintest hint of a whiskey aftertaste. It's among the most distinctive poultry preparations I've ever enjoyed." [SF Weekly]

HirschWorks tears through the Alemany Farmers Market's prepared foods to find "some gems." He's addicted to the pupusas at Estrellita’s Snacks, just stay away from the "chaotic mash-up" that is the "frisbee-sized Pupusa Loca." Then there is Copper Top pizza: "the “Market Special”...(always offered) is a sweet delight," and the huevos divorciados at El Huarache Loco are a "must-try." [Examiner]

THE ELSEWHERE: The Thursday Chron review has two stars for the resurrected Le Cheval in Oakland, The Merc counts the charms at Berkeley's Divino, EBX enjoys the French-American sandwiches at Café Clem and Café Jolie , and last but not least the Marin IJ unveils a solid now lunch stop in Stinson called Lunch Box.

Southpaw BBQ

2170 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110 415-934-9300 Visit Website

Namu Gaji

499 Dolores St., San Francisco, CA 94110 415 431 6268 Visit Website

Le Cheval

1007 Clay Street, , CA 94607 (510) 763-8495 Visit Website

Namu Gaji

499 Dolores St., San Francisco, CA