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Qi Ultra Lounge, "Aqua-Exotic Escape," Ready For SoMa

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Just as suspected, a total transformation has been underway at the former Annie's Social Club over the past two years or so. A tipster writes in to say that replacement Qi Ultra Lounge is getting close to opening at the end of June, and here, above is pictorial proof that there will be holograms (!). The good people of Qi have taken it upon themselves to relay the rest of what to expect:

"Entering Qi Ultra Lounge, you surrender to the ambiance of an aqua-exotic escape evoking vivid sensations of the divine voyage, and sensuality laced with traces of ancient spirituality. Inhale the free energy of passion and succumb to its effect. Qi is primitive seduction, it is timeless force, it is without shape, lingering and flowing where it may, inhabiting and enthralling at its discretion. Qi is the essence of consuming desire, awakening deeper inner worlds locked in suspense, inviting you to explore the moment with anticipation and heightened awareness. Indulge, taste, sense, be known, and be mesmerized by Qi." Well than! What can safely be gathered here is that Qi will draw a quite different crowd from the one"family bar" Annie's once did, but there's still a good chance all this "primitive seduction" will bring some "hanky-panky" back to the bathroom at 917 Folsom.

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