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West Of Pecos Has A New Bar Manager, Brent Butler

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In the middle of May, the MacNiven brothers opened West of Pecos in the Mission, commemorating family trips to New Mexico with Southwestern fare and local ingredients. Then about a month later, Eater fielded some surprising rumors that the bar program wasn't really gelling, and maybe the entire bar staff was let go in one fell swoop. It happens. Late yesterday afternoon, owner Dylan MacNiven sent in a confident note to say they've brought on a new bar manager: Brent Butler, previously the bar manager at Castro bar with great cocktails, Blackbird ("where his wife still works"). MacNiven elaborates:

"He has really beefed up our spirit selection and brought along a few of his signature cocktails, which fit in quite nicely, namely the Sidewinder and Cortez the Killer. There are also a few new ones, the Owl Hoot and Pecos Punch which have been huge succeses in the first few weeks."

The full, freshly minted new cocktail list follows below.

House Margarita 8
blanco tequila, fresh lime, agave

Prickly Pecos Marg 9
blanco tequila, fresh lime, agave, serrano pepper, prickly pear juice

Pecos Punch 8
blanco tequila, aperol, cateloupe, grapefruit, basil

Sidewinder 9
reposada tequila, campari, lime, vanilla, ginger beer

Cortez the Killer 9
reposado tequila, bonal, cacao

Owl Hoot 9
bourbon, root spirit, orange, egg white

Mezcal Mule 9
vida, lime, agave, ginger beer

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West of Pecos

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West of Pecos

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