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Critics Like Wagyu Steak At Lot 7, Fajitas At West Of Pecos, Gioia Pizza, And More

 Lot 7's bar.
Lot 7's bar.
Photo: Yelp/Tammy C.

Chronicle reviewer Allen Matthews compares eating at Valencia Street's new Lot 7 to a game of dice:
"the starter-laden menu can be a gamble, but service is a losing bet...The entrees, however, have promising odds." He calls the uni creme brulee "gorgeous;" fish and chips, Dungeness crab Louie, and Wagyu flat iron steak also deserve mention, but a "hit-or-miss" menu and "lost-at-sea service" keeps the review rating at 2 stars. [Chron]

SF Weekly's Alexander Hochman goes into West of Pecos dreading Southwestern cheesiness, but the menu has a "reverse brainwashing" effect: "all Chevy's nightmares began to fade." Fish fajitas were the first thing to change his tune, followed by Texas ribs, "fluffy, kernel-flecked" cornbread, and "stellar, bubbling hot macaroni and cheese." The carnitas and the queso fall flat, however, and so does the service. But the overall vibe seems to save the restaurant: "it's hard to remain perturbed when everyone is so laid-back and affable." [SF Weekly]

New England-born Examiner critic Jesse Hirsch rates San Francisco's lobster rolls, low-to-high. Fourth is Anchor & Hope's rendition, suffering from too much mayo and an off-theme roll. Sam's Chowdermobile is next, with points for a fair price of $16.16, but a big subtraction for past-fresh lobster. New England Lobster Company "nearly took the crown" with its "Atlantic-fresh" meat and "loyalty to tradition," but Woodhouse Fish Co. eeks out a win with house-made aioli and a "lighter, sweeter and more flavorful" bun custom-made by La Boulange. [Examiner]

SFBG's Virginia Miller ate through a bunch of new pizza spots across the Bay Area, and writes the most about her favorites. She loves the margherita from the new Del Popolo truck: "a glory of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil on a doughy crust laden with luxurious pools of olive oil, more akin to the incredible pies at Una Pizza Napoletana." At Polk Street's Gioia Pizzeria the salsiccia wins with "housemade Sicilian sausage, pecorino, and Ryan's pickled peppers," and despite the sandwiches and entrees on the menu, "pizza is still the number one reason to visit."

West of Pecos

550 Valencia Street, , CA 94110 (415) 252-7000 Visit Website

Lot 7

974 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA