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The Return of Nombe's Beer Garden, More

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[Photo: Douglas Zimmerman]

THE MISSION — After the season opener in June, Nombe announces the next two dates for its Japanese beer garden at Wix Lounge (2601 Mission). Three pints (Kirin, Speakeasy, Pacific Brewing Labs) cost $15 and Japanese street food-inspired bites are $5 from 5-8 p.m. on July 20 and August 24, with a portion of proceeds earmarked for La Cocina. [EaterWire]

FOOD TRUCKS — Western World Insurance created a handy infographic to illustrate the many reasons a food truck would need insurance. According to this company, it boils down to needing insurance not only for the truck, but for its operators and the surroundings where it parks, so it's not just about coming up with an idea for a sustainable waffle sandwich. [EaterWire]

FOIE GRAS — An amendment to the Farm Bill that could invalidate state laws including the foie gras ban if passed, is heading to the floor of the House. It's not being proposed by a Californian, but an Iowa state rep with sow issues. [ISSF]

SOUTH PARK — A new eatery called Small (524 Second St.) looks close to completion, with speculation that it's a grab-and-go deli or fast casual spot with beer and wine. The alcohol license hasn't appeared to come through yet, though. [Grub Street]


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