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Bauer Three Stars Comal, Wishes He Owned It

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Photo: Chron/John Storey

Señor Bauer has just about lost his mind with adoration for Berkeley newcomer Comal, giving it three stars, and adding, "if I were crazy enough to open a restaurant...Comal is exactly the type of place I'd have liked to open."!! He slathers praise on most of the menu: chips, guacamole, carne asada tacos, squash blossom quesadillas, pork mole enchilada, "tender" meatballs, chile relleno, tlayudas, and even the tripe. Then says this of the sauces, in general: "they may look similar, but the flavors explode in different directions. Gandin could pour any one of them on strips of cardboard, and I'd be a fan."

The love fest continues for the interior design, the desserts and the cocktails ("some of the the Bay Area") to the point where it's almost shocking Comal doesn't have four stars, but it ends up at the the magical tres—the same rating as Local's Corner, Bar Tartine and Keiko a Nob Hill. Very safe to say Comal will be joining the Top 100 in spring.

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2020 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA