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Sneak Peek Farina Pizza, Filipino Food in SoMa

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Farina Pizza. [Photo: Urban Life Signs]

THE MISSION — After more than two years of tracking the development of Farina Pizza (700 Valencia), the construction walls were taken down today. The interior is revealed to contain wood tables and there seems to be a lot of tile going on, including a curious collection of of illustrated people painted on some of the tiling. [Urban Life Signs]

SOMA — Inay Filipino Kitchen (101 Fourth St.) debuts in the Metreon on July 21. There will be a discount for movie ticket holders and 10% coupons will be handed out on opening day. [EaterWire]

THE SHUTTER — Farewell, Old Shanghai (5145 Geary); it's already out of business and probably doesn't like long goodbyes. If you've got recommendations on where to get soup dumplings at least as good in the vicinity, please do leave them in the comments. [Tablehopper]

FOIE BAN AFTERMATH — The ban continues, but so does a current lawsuit to overturn it. More specifically, a decision by a federal judge today upheld the current legislation but allows a lawsuit filed by Hudson Valley Foie Gras and others to proceed. Stay tuned. [ISSF]

Farina Pizza

700 Valencia, San Francisco, CA