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Split Bread, Tech-Savvy "Sandwich Bistro," To Open Dtown

On 4th Street, Andrew Swallow holds up the new Split Bread sign.
On 4th Street, Andrew Swallow holds up the new Split Bread sign.

Andrew Swallow and David Silverglide, founders of the Mixt Greens green-in-more-ways-than-one salad chain, have set out to trail-blaze the sandwich arena with a new, hip "sandwich bistro" called Split Bread. All sandwiches are made to order from meats like spit-roasted leg of lamb and slow-roasted chicken that are carved to-order, right in front of your face. Breads will fall in-line, sourced exclusively from local bakeries, Leadbetter's and Acme. As you can see above, this puppy is getting ready to open in the new and improved Metreon some time in early on August 7, and Swallow says another one is in the works in the FiDi too.

[Rendering courtesy of William Duff Architects, Inc.]
Unlike Mixt Greens, Split Bread is going for the night time destination crowd in addition to work lunch types, so the decor will channel a swankified 1920's butcher shop with black-and-white mosaic tile floors, a Carrera marble-topped podium, lots of walnut wood and trendy high-top seating. There will be 18 specialty beers and wine by the glass too. As you can see from the rendering shown here, this is not your usual San Francisco sandwich shop, so maybe don't wear your pajamas here?

Tech-minded Sliverglide has also worked out the first totally cash-free system to go into a San Francisco restaurant. Customers may pay with credit or debit cards in advance online, if they so desire. They are also permitted to scan a QR code at their table inside. Flip phone lovers can order old-school style from a human being.

Now, a little backstory: Soon after Mixt Greens started opening greenly built-out salad joints in 2006, Alice Waters gave them some shit for not being all seasonal, all-the-time—like she does. Swallow says he never forgot that, so Split Bread will be 100% seasonal. That means no tomatoes in winter. For further detail, have a look at the opening menu, to be unleashed very soon:


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Split Bread

145 4th Street, San Francisco, CA