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Sushi Groove Loses Groove: New Japanese Joints En Route

The two San Francisco locations of Sushi Groove have been in a state of limbo for the past few months, as they allegedly prepare for a mysterious relaunch called "Fresh 15," but a liquor license application coming through today shows that the one on Folsom Street is in the process of being sold. Something called Izakaya House has applied to move in. Meanwhile, the Hyde Street location had its permit revoked in late March of this year for health infringements, and hasn't reopened since. A tipster writes to say that the exterior has been repainted white, and they've gutted the place save for the sushi bar. Now there's a sign for a new family-run "humble" sushi place named Elephant Sushi: "Looks like they have all new furniture inside with a slight remodel. Tables are a bit rustic-looking (reclaimed wood-ish)." No word yet on when Elephant Sushi will open, or when Sushi Groove South will close for good.

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Sushi Groove South, Sushi Groove North. [Photo: from City Data and Sushi Groove]

Sushi Groove South

1516 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA