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Popo's Pizza Closes, Fagiani's Becomes The Thomas

Popo's Pizza on 24th Street before the move-in. [Photo: Mission Mission]

THE SHUTTER — What was the newly opened Mission location Popo's Pizza (3331 24th St.) is already closed following a dispute with the owner of the building. It doesn't sound pretty, but it does sound like a new restaurant will eventually appear in this space. [Mission Mission]

SWITCHEROO — Almost a month since news broke of plans to resurrect the old-school restaurant space under its old name of Fagiani's (813 Main St.) and there's now a name change for the main space: The Thomas, with a downstairs bar called Fagiani's at The Thomas. Official word is that the new name comes from the name of the boarding house that the space was before it was Fagiani's, but it might also have to do with some objections from the Fagiani family. [ISSF/EaterWire]

UPPER HAIGHT — It turns out that establishments with parklets like virtual neighbors Martin Macks Gastropub (1568 Haight) and Magnolia Pub & Brewery (1398 Haight) can't serve beer outside, so they've stopped. Both are exploring the bureaucracy that may someday issue a permit for alcohol in parklets. [Uppercasing]

COMING ATTRACTIONS — The Underground Market 's comeback is scheduled for 6-10 p.m. on July 28 at Public Works (161 Erie). The legal vendors include Rice Paper Scissors, Jablow's Meats, and Good Foods Catering. Tickets are $5 at the door. [EaterWire]


3331 24th St., San Francisco, CA