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Alamo Drafthouse New Mission Coming In Late 2013

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Earlier this year, Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League detailed his plans and intention to preserve the New Mission Theater while turning it into the first Alamo Drafthouse iteration outside of Texas. Today, League reveals the timeline for the project, stating the New Mission Alamo Drafthouse should open in the fourth quarter of 2013. Remember the new theater will include five movie screens and a full-on restaurant and bar, with waiters quietly serving customers during the films.

More details have also come to light about the programming and the technology to be used. Movies will span new releases, independent and repertory films, and theaters will be equipped for 3D projection. Alamo Drafthouse also makes a point to eliminate some of the typical annoyances at movie theaters. There's no front row, so every seat has a decent view, and no pre-movie advertising, so the footage is all trailers made by Alamo, old viral videos and such.

Why San Francisco? League says his parents met here, he was born in Berkeley, and his wife used to work here: "It's no accident that the first theater outside of Austin that my wife and I pursued is in San Francisco."

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Alamo Drafthouse New Mission

2550 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA