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Off The Grid Wins Lawsuit Over FiDi Food Truck Hub

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Off The Grid: Vallejo & Front [Photo: Yelp/Jeff N.]

Bay Area street food titan Off The Grid continues to grow and grow, but the road hasn't been paved with Korean tacos and Indian burritos alone. It's also drawn some ire from local businesses. Last night at City Hall in San Francisco, representatives for Off The Grid successfully defended its legal right to continue a weekly market at Vallejo and Front Streets after a group of nine restaurants, including Grumpy's, Fog City Diner, and Café Distijil brought a lawsuit against them.

Owner Matt Cohen proved that he has secured the proper permit, and his claim that the market is a welcomed part of the community was supported by patrons with offices nearby, who came to speak in defense of Off The Grid.

The Vallejo & Front Off the Grid has been on hiatus since June 1. In a week or so, it will resume its regular schedule of Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Off The Grid's official statement on the lawsuit follows:

"Last night, Off the Grid successfully argued for the upholding of an existing permit to continue their market located at Vallejo & Front. Several local restaurants had challenged the permit based on concerns of unfair competition and displacement of business. In a hearing at City Hall, Matt Cohen, owner and founder of Off the Grid, demonstrated that the permit is indeed fully within the law and that Off the Grid: Vallejo & Front brings a much needed diversity of lunchtime offerings to the area. Several Off the Grid supporters with offices in the neighborhood also attended the hearing to show support and share their appreciation for the market. Off the Grid looks forward to resuming service at Vallejo & Front in the near future."

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Fog City

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Off The Grid FiDi Hub

Vallejo and Front Streets, San Francisco, CA