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Brasserie S&P, Fully Ensconced In The Mandarin Oriental

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[Photo: Aubrie Pick]

Brasserie S&P has been open to the public at the Mandarin Oriental since June 18th, but just four days ago the finishing touches were put on the decor. Now that the fancy new banquette chair in the back of the restaurant has been fully installed and all of the sconces have been added to the side walls, let's take a look around and see all the work that's been done. Remember, S&P doesn't physically occupy the same space as the last Madarin restaurant, Silks. As you can see here, Michael Booth's design of the 90-seat space, walks the line between airy and stately, just so. Executive chef Adam Mali's menus were shared earlier, but perhaps most interesting of all is the extensive array of gin-and-tonic offerings available at the bar. Anyone been to try it out? Do tell in the comments or over the EaterWire.

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