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San Francisco Mag Drops Best Chefs 2012 Winners

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Just live on the web now are the winners of San Francisco Magazine's Best Chef Awards 2012, which are not just for chefs really, but for all important restaurant people. The winners were mostly determined by newly appointed deputy editor Sara Deseran. Remarkably, their average age is 36: Restaurateur of the Year Anna Weinberg of Marlowe/Park Tavern, Chef of the Year Christopher Kostow of The Restaurant at Meadowood, Rising Star Chefs Of The Year (a tie) Dennis Lee of Namu Gaji and Ravi Kapur of Liholiho Yacht Club, Pastry Chef of the Year Belinda Leong of B. Patisserie, and Sommelier of the Year Yoon Ha of Benu.

See what the whole gang had to say about the San Francisco restaurant scene in Deseran's interview with all of them over a potluck meal at Cookhouse. Teaser: Anna Weinberg gets the fun part of the conversation started with a zinger: "...sometimes I feel like if the server tries to educate me any more about the origin of their fucking carrot, I’m going to kill them."

· Best Chef Awards 2012 [San Fran Mag]


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