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Monarch's Lunch Party, Presidio Social Club's Legal Foie

[Photo: Monarch]

SOMA — "Recess," a new lunchtime dance party from DJ Matt Haze and Sunset Promotions, debuts on July 11 and runs from noon to 2 p.m. at Monarch (101 Sixth St.). Admission is free, and includes complimentary vegetarian and vegan sandwiches from Ike's Place as well as Kettle Chips and organic fruit. [EaterWire]

FOIE GRAS — Since Presidio Social Club (563 Ruger) sits on federal land, it is exempt from the foie gras ban. The restaurant will celebrate this loophole with foie gras sliders available indefinitely beginning on July 14 and a Bastille Day prix fixe ($48/$18 for a seared foie gras supplement) on July 14-15. [EaterWire]

THE EMBARCADERO — Ciao Bella (One Ferry Building) has just introduced strawberry Merlot sorbet bars and Adonia Greek frozen yogurt to its repertoire; the latter is served both at its own location and at retail partners. Ben & Jerry's has recently introduced a similar product, so expect more frozen dessert purveyors to follow suit with this trend. [EaterWire]

EXPANSIONWIRE — Tacolicious has announced plans to open a Palo Alto location (632 Emerson), currently the home of the soon-to-shutter Mantra. Meanwhile, as you know, the owner of Mantra is going to head up to San Francisco to open SliderBar Cafe in the former Criolla Kitchen/Bagdad Cafe space (2295 Market). [ISSF]


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