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Tony's Huge Meatball, Christopher Kostow's Inspiration

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 Tony's Pizza Napoletana.
Tony's Pizza Napoletana.
Photo: Flickr/Victor Lee

CRITICS PICKS - Apparently Tony's Pizza Napoletana makes a damn fine giant meatball topped with burrata: "The smooth creaminess of the burrata is a perfect complement to the giant meatball's seasoning and the course texture of its veal, pork, and beef...The restaurant only serves 25 of these beauties a day, so get there early. " [SF Weekly]

KOSTOWWIRE - For your weekend listening pleasure, here's a compelling interview with Christopher Kostow, where he broaches many subjets: the evolving bar program and housemade spirits at Meadowood, the "diligence and relentlessness" he learned from mentor Daniel Humm, and what three Michelin stars really means to him: "It's really a license to progress...people look to you to push the envelope." [Imbibe and Inspire]

A MOVEABLE TWEET - Absinthe pastry chef Bill Corbett has a few words for the writers out there: "If you're a food writer and you ask me about food trends, I'm going to lie to you from now on. It tells me you're out of ideas." [@el_cuchillo]

A MOVEABLE TWEET EXTRA -Flour + Water would like a thesaurus, please: "Apparently I use the word delicious....a lot. What other words do you use to describe deliciousness?" [@flourandwater]

Tony's Pizza Napoletana

1570 Stockton Street, , CA 94133 (415) 835-9888 Visit Website

Tony's Pizza Napoletana

1570 Stockton Street San Francisco, CA

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