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Take A Look At The Menu For Lolinda, Opening Tonight

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Lolinda, the Beretta team's California spin on an Argentine steakhouse, will open its doors to the public tonight at the address that used to house Medjool. The chef, Alejandro Morgan, has just passed on the first menu, which isn't live yet on the restaurant's new website. It is divided into lengthy sections of Latin American hot and cold small plates, priced in the five to 12 dollar range. Slightly larger "platos" run from ten to 20 dollars, and there's an ample selection of wood-grilled meats, spanning from short rib to blood sausage to chorizo and various cuts of steak.

Due to the range of prices on the menu, it appears that diners can really scale this to be very affordable or very expensive. Recent Death & Co. emigre Lane Ford will be shaking up a host of creative and traditional cocktails to whet appetites. Given the owners' track record, the critics and bloggers are sure to get out to experience all of this sooner rather than later. Now, do read the full opening menu below.

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2518 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 550 6970


2522 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA