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Pig & Pie, Pläj, Salt House, MORE—Reviewed

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 The old Dislocandia sign outside the new Pig & Pie.
The old Dislocandia sign outside the new Pig & Pie.
Photo: Aubrie Pick

The Examiner's Jesse Hirsch plans to return to the Mission's new Pig & Pie often: "Whether it was a fanciful pig’s ear and watermelon salad, a Korean blood and vermicelli sausage, or a pig trotter terrine with peppercress pesto, his sharp instincts — and ingredients — were apparent." On the sweet side, lemon shaker pie has "masterful balance," and the "cayenne-spiced" pecan pie might be the best thing they serve. [Examiner]

SFBG's Virginia Miller is mildly entertained by Civic Center Scandinavian newcomer Pläj. She's "happiest in the Fjord-seafood section that highlighted the best parts of Scandinavian cooking." Desserts are "pleasing," but "none left a major impression." She finds cocktails "sweet, subtle, and light," while the beer menu is "spot-on." The final verdict? "Pläj is a welcome newcomer to the SF dining scene -- one I hope thrives as it dares to bring what we lack." [SFBG]

Bauer pays a return visit to Salt House to find new chef Vernon Morales has reinvigorated the menu, newly able to use "the sous vide machine, powders and other elements in his arsenal." The FOH needs to clean up it's act ("Attentive service didn't kick in until after the appetizers, when I was recognized as a critic."), but as far as food goes appetizers are "the highlight of the dinner," and desserts are "well-executed," and the review rating gets bumped to 2.5 stars: "while the results are not yet fully realized, even at this stage there are some exceptional discoveries to be had." [Chron]

SF Weekly's Anna Roth "breaks the monotony of the lunch routine" at SoMa Streat Food Park, but the banh mi from Little Green Cyclo is the only thing that "didn't bring on a food coma." Items from the nine trucks are hit or miss, but "the potential for new discoveries," is what it's all about. Until things get a bit more cohesive, adding things like coffee to the mix, it's "best suited for times like lunch and late-night when our expectations are lower." [SF Weekly]

THE ELSEWHERE: Chron's Nicholas Boer only has 1.5 stars for Martini Sky in Danville, Marin IJ gets and early dinner to-go from Novato's White Rose Ranch, The Merc highlights three of its new favorite brunch spots: Hot Italian, Lucca Bar & Grill, and Salute e Vita Ristorante , and last but certainly not least, the EBX appears to have an awesome time at Hopscotch, enjoying "uniquely Japanese-American fare in a Fifties diner setting."


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Pig and Pie

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