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The Menu For MAU, Headed To Valencia This Fall

MAU Plywood.
MAU Plywood.
Photo: Uptown Almanac

Yesterday, chef Sante Salvoni passed on a menu and a new opening target for his Southeast Asia-inspired MAU, headed to Valencia Street. First off, he clarifies that the food will represent the cuisine of Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos, but it won't be traditional, and California influences will shine through. Given Salvoni's long track record at Slow Club, it makes sense that offerings will be in flux weekly, and they'll be breaking down whole animals on-site to go into everything from the lunch menu's banh mi to the evening's bun, Thai-style salads, curries, and such.

Salvoni is currently learning a thing or two about Vietnamese food at partner Hung Dang's Tin restuarant in SoMa, as other partners Luke Wendler and Annie Abbot oversee an 80-seat restaurant build-out with "tons of reclaimed wood."

It should all be revealed to the pubic in early to mid-September, complete with beer and wine. Full early iterations of the lunch and dinner menus follow for your enjoyment. Keep in mind, items are subject to change.


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665 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA