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Unveiling The Menu For Mortimer, Now Open

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The Hotel Adagio's reincarnated bar and lounge area, Mortimer, is now in soft open mode. According to Eater's sources, design firm Parker-Torres has completed a revamp of the space at the hotel entryway, the former Bar Adagio, knocking down a wall up front to open up the area behind the hostess stand. Curtains have been removed to reveal 16-foot Moorish windows, and the backbar is lit by LED in a geometric design. The whole bar/lounge area seats 40, including a 12-seat bar. There's also a semi-private adjacent space, which seats up to 40. Food, cocktails, and logo (right) are, of course, brand new too.

Visit Mortimer Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to midnight, Saturday and Sunday from noon to midnight. Food is served until 10 p.m., nightly. Now do take a full look at the current cocktail list, which includes some punch bowls, and the food menu below. Note that food is subject to change, pending any new chef hires, and be sure to drop any early reports in the tip jar.



550 Geary, San Francisco, CA